CPU chip and pinMany Internet users nowadays have experienced a virus or two in their lives. Sometimes a virus attack may be minimal. It can infect a file and you will catch it before it spreads. Some virus attacks are severe and can cause your whole computer to crash in an instant. Computer attacks can come in many forms. You can be attacked by a virus, a worm, a Trojan horse, or whatever malware under the sun. One of the most dangerous forms of malware attack are those of rootkits.

With rootkits, malware can hide from anti-virus programs, malware detectors and even the operating system. There are several types of rootkits. There are rootkits that activate themselves each time your computer starts or rootkits that live on your computer memory. There are even rootkits that can stay on your computer in different modes like the safe mode. With this malware assisting technology, how can you save yourself from such?

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There are a lot of programming languages out there that can make improve your website browsing. One of the most popular languages for web developers and designers is JavaScript. Through JavaScript, it is possible to make websites look more interactive and more appealing to users. With JavaScript, websites are able to retain users and keep them amused by the graphics and sound that increased interaction can offer. JavaScript can make your content more intuitive and entertaining for anyone who visits a website.

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Firewall basics


Cabling, firewall protection.A lot of great things can be done over the Internet: you can do business on the Internet and make a living; you can meet the love of your life; in fact, you can live your life on the Internet if you find it more amusing than the real world. There are also dangers about using the Internet. Although you can do fun things over the Internet some people can do bad things too. They can steal your credit card numbers or valuable confidential information from your computer. They can even destroy data on your computer, or upload illegal content from a remote location. If you want to prevent these things from happening to you and your computer then you should equip your computer with a firewall.

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Watching eye.People will always long for affection. They will want someone to talk to or someone to share their lives with. Nobody ever wants to feel lonely. With the Internet, people can address this need. People are able to communicate through chatting, blogging, and emailing. With these possibilities, people can make friends and build relationships online. All this may sound great but not everyone considers this to be an innocent activity.

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Instant Messaging (IM)

Type talk, white keyboard.One of the most popular means of communication over the Internet is instant messaging. Through instant messaging, you will be able to send messages and receive messages from anyone around the world on a real time basis. This means that when you are instant messaging, you will be communicating as if you were on the telephone. The only difference is that you are typing what you are supposed to say and you are reading what you are supposed to hear. Isn’t that neat? Some people think, instant messaging is one of the greatest things that have been invented for the Internet. Instead of paying a lot of money for overseas calls, you can simply chat with someone from another country for free! After paying for the electricity on your computer and your Internet connection, you do not have to worry about anything else. There are no additional instant messaging bills because the services are entirely free!

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Encryption protection

Encryption is being used nowadays to improve Internet security. Websites that involve financial transactions use encryption so that other people will not be able to see anything confidential such as credit card and pin numbers. Websites that also have a lot of confidential information such as company presentations and managerial accounting records are also using encryption so that hackers can not access their information. Even in emails, encryption is being used. If you are going to be sending highly confidential information then maybe you should encrypt it first. You do not want hackers finding out about your bank statements or your mailing address. When you send an encrypted email, make sure that the receiver has the decryption program or else the receiver will not be able to understand what you sent.

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Download dangers

There is a wealth of information on the Internet. You will be able to get almost anything through downloading or visiting a website. You will be able to get online videos through downloading. You will be able to get PC wallpapers through downloading. You can even get free games through downloading. All of these things are great but you should not be downloading data from malicious or suspicious sites.

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The Internet is being used nowadays by most people primarily for communication. One of the ways people use to communicate is with online chatting or chatrooms. Through chatting, people can type in their thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Other people can respond to you through chat too. Once you type in something, you can expect an instant reply in real time. You can communicate as if you were on the phone although in this context, you will be typing what you say and you will be reading what the other person has to say.

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Blogging safety

Blogging has swept the Internet by storm in recent years. You will see blogs almost everywhere already; but what is blogging anyway? Through blogs, people are able to publish their own content on the Internet anytime. People write about anything that is of interest to them and let the whole world know what they think about certain topics. Examples of sites that have blogs and encourage user-generated content, are MySpace, Bebo, Blogger and BlogSpot, to name a few. There are many more sites on the Internet that offer blogging services, with no technical knowledge required.

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Key loggers

Malicious computer people around the world come up with all sorts of things to take advantage of others. They come up with viruses that can hack your computer for important information. They invent programs that can spy on your computer activity. They have even gone to the extent of stealing money through fraudulent wire transfers. One of the inventions that these malicious people are taking advantage of nowadays is key loggers.

Key loggers were first used for security and measurement means. Companies use key loggers to measure the productivity of certain clerical employees. If a company wants to find out if a clerical employee is doing a good job then using key loggers would be a great way to determine it. Security agencies also use key loggers to find out valuable information from criminals. If the FBI or the CIA is trying to track down on some criminal then they can use key loggers to find out what the criminal was typing on a certain computer. They can find out valuable information such as passwords and malicious threats to public safety.

What are key loggers anyway? They basically try to hack your key strokes so that important information can be gathered through what you type. They can check what you type and find out passwords, credit card numbers, and all sorts of valuable information. They will use the information to hack your computer, steal money from you, and even threaten you and your loved ones. Key loggers can come in the form of software or hardware. Some malicious people install them onto your keyboard so that they can find out what you are typing. There are also key loggers in the form of software that trace what information you type on your keyboard.

There is actually no way of stopping key loggers once they operate without cleaning your operating system. Many keyloggers actively prevent their own removal. If you want to make sure that you are not victimized by malicious key loggers then you will have to take preventive measures. Installing anti-spyware is important. This will prevent spyware from installing itself on your computer. You can also use firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to your computer. You should keep your anti-spyware and your firewalls up to date so that you can continuously stop malicious attacks on your computer.