The Love Bug Virus

Love Bug VirusSounding like a potentially wonderful thing, the “Love Bug” was a very destructive virus. Sometimes call the “ILove You” or “LoveLetter” virus, it was created by a young man in Manila and, in May 2000, shut down millions of computers in the United States, most of Europe and other parts of the world.

This type of virus, revolutionary at the time, comes to the user in the form of an e-mail with the subject “I Love You”. It was actually a macro the runs in Microsoft Outlook. These are technically called worms because along with infecting the host computer, they replicate themselves and continue to other systems.
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Pop-ups, More than Just an Annoyance

Pop-up removed by bursting…Find someone who is not annoyed by pop-ups, and you will have someone who is not an active ‘Net user. Most of us know the drill. You are enjoying visiting some interesting websites and the small window pops up right on top of what you were formerly happily viewing. You close it but another appears. Close it and yet another materializes.

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Zone Alarm

Zone Alarm, blue light warning.Zone Alarm is an Internet security software suite from Zone Labs. One of the principle services offered by the suite, and also available as a free product is a software firewall. This enable users to monitor the activity that goes on between a computer and the Internet, including reports on any hostile attacks on your computer, and the exchange of data through the firewall. With the firewall capability from Zone Alarm, you will be able to select the level of security you want with a personal computer. The highest level of security will restrict access to a lot of sites while the lowest level of security will enable some insecure site visiting.

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Netiquette is the combination of Internet and etiquette. What is etiquette in the first place? Etiquette is the proper behaviour expected of you when you are in a social environment. When you are in a formal gathering then it is proper for you to wear formal clothes. When you are dining, you should use the proper utensils for every course. Talking out of turn should also be avoided when upholding proper etiquette. Saying bad words is impolite and should be avoided at all costs.

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Link anchor.Links are a connection from one place on the Internet to another, usually a webpage, image or file. Websites use links for several purposes. You can link your website to another website so that both of you can enjoy increased traffic simultaneously. A website can show advertising links on their web pages so that they can get extra income. Some companies sponsor links on other successful web pages so that they can increase web traffic to their site.

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spyware.jpgSpyware is software designed to monitor computer activities and makes use of personal information. At a minimum, this may be used to monitor browsing habits and tailor advertising delivered on pages; on the other hand it may also be used to gather private details which may be used for identity theft. Other names for spyware or related programs include; malware, crimeware, PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) , adware, dialers, keyloggers, or spybots.

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Key loggers

Malicious computer people around the world come up with all sorts of things to take advantage of others. They come up with viruses that can hack your computer for important information. They invent programs that can spy on your computer activity. They have even gone to the extent of stealing money through fraudulent wire transfers. One of the inventions that these malicious people are taking advantage of nowadays is key loggers.

Key loggers were first used for security and measurement means. Companies use key loggers to measure the productivity of certain clerical employees. If a company wants to find out if a clerical employee is doing a good job then using key loggers would be a great way to determine it. Security agencies also use key loggers to find out valuable information from criminals. If the FBI or the CIA is trying to track down on some criminal then they can use key loggers to find out what the criminal was typing on a certain computer. They can find out valuable information such as passwords and malicious threats to public safety.

What are key loggers anyway? They basically try to hack your key strokes so that important information can be gathered through what you type. They can check what you type and find out passwords, credit card numbers, and all sorts of valuable information. They will use the information to hack your computer, steal money from you, and even threaten you and your loved ones. Key loggers can come in the form of software or hardware. Some malicious people install them onto your keyboard so that they can find out what you are typing. There are also key loggers in the form of software that trace what information you type on your keyboard.

There is actually no way of stopping key loggers once they operate without cleaning your operating system. Many keyloggers actively prevent their own removal. If you want to make sure that you are not victimized by malicious key loggers then you will have to take preventive measures. Installing anti-spyware is important. This will prevent spyware from installing itself on your computer. You can also use firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to your computer. You should keep your anti-spyware and your firewalls up to date so that you can continuously stop malicious attacks on your computer.