Link anchor.Links are a connection from one place on the Internet to another, usually a webpage, image or file. Websites use links for several purposes. You can link your website to another website so that both of you can enjoy increased traffic simultaneously. A website can show advertising links on their web pages so that they can get extra income. Some companies sponsor links on other successful web pages so that they can increase web traffic to their site.

There are a lot of benefits that can be derived from links. On the other end of the spectrum, malevolent people on the Internet can use links to take advantage of you. Some people put links on their web pages so that when you click on it, a program will automatically download itself onto your computer. When you click on the link and a program auto downloads software it is likely that this will be concealed. You might end up losing valuable information on your hard drive. If you are one of the unlucky victims then your whole computer might crash. Being careful about following bogus links will reduce the risk of your computer becoming infected with viruses.

There are several ways to prevent you from being victimized by such software. If you want to make sure that you do not end up with a virus on your computer then you should follow some guidelines. You should not click on links from websites you do not trust. If you see a link on a website that says that you will get one thousand dollars for being a one thousandth visitor to the site then you should be wary. You should also avoid links that tell you that you will get free gifts and other free items when you visit their site. These offers are often bogus. Do not click on links that look suspicious. You can prevent yourself from being attacked by links by avoiding websites that are not reputable. You should not visit sites that offer pirated software, pirated music, and pornography. These are the sites that are likely to attack you and your computer, or contain malware links.

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