Netiquette is the combination of Internet and etiquette. What is etiquette in the first place? Etiquette is the proper behaviour expected of you when you are in a social environment. When you are in a formal gathering then it is proper for you to wear formal clothes. When you are dining, you should use the proper utensils for every course. Talking out of turn should also be avoided when upholding proper etiquette. Saying bad words is impolite and should be avoided at all costs.

There is no change when it comes to etiquette on the Internet. When you are on the Internet, you should observe proper etiquette, called netiquette. Netiquette has several basic guidelines. The first thing in netiquette is to think before you do anything. Just like any social gathering, you must think before you act. When you are on the Internet, you should think about what you are going to do or say before you do it. For instance, if you are in a forum then you should not post an abrupt comment when there is a flow of discussion happening. If everyone is talking about Java technology then you should not post out of turn with a comment on Visual Basic technology.

Netiquette also involves the proper form of communication. In the real world, you should avoid saying bad words and you should refrain from using slang language. Netiquette also follows the same logic. When you are entering messages in a chat room, you should not post your entries in capital letters. Typing your messages in capital letters is considered shouting in netiquette. This is rude and should not be done. You should also avoid short cutting words in netiquette. Spelling out the words correctly is the correct form of communication in chat rooms and in forums. Do not abbreviate words when you are posting. This is only acceptable when you are chatting at a fast pace and you need to get things done immediately. When you are posting messages, you should also avoid double posting. When you post your messages twice every time then it is considered to be impolite in netiquette standards. When you are chatting and you should avoid arguing with other people, known as flaming. Other people do not want to be in the middle of a fight. Observe proper netiquette all the time. Netiquette is important and you should value it the same way you value etiquette in the real world.

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