Trojan horse programs

Trojan horses or Trojans are malware that are disguised so that you will not notice their harmful intentions. The origin of the term is based on the story of the ancient Greek story about the Trojan horse. The Trojans hid inside the horse and offered the horse to their enemies, the city of Troy, as a gift. When their enemies received the gift, the Trojans came out and attacked their enemies while they were sleeping. Trojans on computers act the same way. When Trojans enter your computer, you will think that they are completely harmless. Whilst in the background, these Trojans will launch various attacks and open backdoors to your system. They may erase your files and or corrupt your system.


An example of Trojans is a simple game file. You log on to a game site and they say that they offer free games. You download the game and then you play it for a while. Before you know it, there was an attached virus on the game that is already deleting files or stealing data while you play the game. You were tricked and you are now paying the price! This is exactly how Trojans work.

If you want to avoid Trojans from getting into your computer then you should keep in mind several guidelines. You should avoid downloading things that you do not trust or from unknown sources. Even if something seems too good to be true like a free game, be cautious and think before you download it. Do not download pirated software such as pirated games and pirated music because you never know when a Trojan is in it. Since it is illegal in most countries to do this anyway, you have no avenue to file a complaint. Do not click on links that tell you that you are going to get something free from them. You never know when this link will upload a program, virus or worm to your computer.

Always keep your computer up to date when it comes to Anti-virus software. The most effective way of detecting Trojans is through the best Anti-virus software. You can get good Anti-virus software from various providers. If you become a victim of a trojan attack it could be very costly in time and money to repair the damage. Prevention is the best defence.

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