CPU chip and pinMany Internet users nowadays have experienced a virus or two in their lives. Sometimes a virus attack may be minimal. It can infect a file and you will catch it before it spreads. Some virus attacks are severe and can cause your whole computer to crash in an instant. Computer attacks can come in many forms. You can be attacked by a virus, a worm, a Trojan horse, or whatever malware under the sun. One of the most dangerous forms of malware attack are those of rootkits.

With rootkits, malware can hide from anti-virus programs, malware detectors and even the operating system. There are several types of rootkits. There are rootkits that activate themselves each time your computer starts or rootkits that live on your computer memory. There are even rootkits that can stay on your computer in different modes like the safe mode. With this malware assisting technology, how can you save yourself from such?

A specific problem needs a specific solution. With rootkits just around the corner, you will need rootkits detectors. One company that is actively developing rootkit detectors is Microsoft. They have the RootkitRevealer to guard against unwanted rootkits. Installing this software will prevent these rootkits from harming your computer and destroying your files. If you are still afraid of rootkits attacking your computer then you should take extra guidelines into consideration. You can install the latest anti-virus program on to your computer to avoid unwanted virus attacks. You can install pop-up blockers so that you can avoid sudden downloads of information. You can install anti-spyware so that people will be unable to see what you are doing on your computer. You can have your computer checked for key loggers. If you still want to increase your system security then you should also avoid websites that are not credible. Do not visit websites that have pornography, pirated content, and offensive language. You will only put yourself into harm when you are on these sites. Do not click on links that you do not trust.

Thankfully, most basic defences will protect you and your computer in most circumstances, but it is important to keep these prevention programs up to date at all times. Always ensure you have antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall protection in place.

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