Firewall basics


Cabling, firewall protection.A lot of great things can be done over the Internet: you can do business on the Internet and make a living; you can meet the love of your life; in fact, you can live your life on the Internet if you find it more amusing than the real world. There are also dangers about using the Internet. Although you can do fun things over the Internet some people can do bad things too. They can steal your credit card numbers or valuable confidential information from your computer. They can even destroy data on your computer, or upload illegal content from a remote location. If you want to prevent these things from happening to you and your computer then you should equip your computer with a firewall.


Firewalls are important because they create a barrier between the Internet and your personal computer. Firewalls are your best line of defense against malicious people and malicious programs on the Internet. If you would like to shield your computer from such things then you should get a firewall for your computer. Companies that offer firewalls include AVG, Symantec (formerly Norton), Websense, Kerio, McAfee and Microsoft, to name a few. With one or more firewalls, you can prevent unwanted information getting into your computer and you can prevent outsiders from accessing confidential information on your personal computer. One of the extra features of firewalls is the daily reports that they can generate. You will be able to find out if people or programs out there have been trying to hack your computer. Think of this report as a security report. Your online security team alerts you if there have been attacks on your computer. Your online security team will also let you know if they were successful in warding off the threats. With these reports, you can find out the hostility levels between the Internet and your personal computer. Another extra feature of firewalls is the content setting. If you have children around then you can set firewall to block out certain content, such as adult sites. More sophisticate versions allow you full control of content filtering and access to Internet sites and services. Getting a firewall is a very important security step, so you should definitely use firewall software and hardware as soon as you can. You, your family, and your personal computer deserve the best security possible. With firewalls, you will be able to attain a level of security that you can count on.

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