Encryption protection

Encryption is being used nowadays to improve Internet security. Websites that involve financial transactions use encryption so that other people will not be able to see anything confidential such as credit card and pin numbers. Websites that also have a lot of confidential information such as company presentations and managerial accounting records are also using encryption so that hackers can not access their information. Even in emails, encryption is being used. If you are going to be sending highly confidential information then maybe you should encrypt it first. You do not want hackers finding out about your bank statements or your mailing address. When you send an encrypted email, make sure that the receiver has the decryption program or else the receiver will not be able to understand what you sent.

How will you know if you are going to be able to transact safely over the Internet? Is it safe to send out your credit card number and make a transaction online? How will you be able to find out if you are making an encrypted transaction over the Internet? The first thing that you should look for is the ‘http’ or protocol, at the beginning of the URL. If it is displayed as https then you are logged on securely. Aside from that, you should see a padlock image on the bottom of your browser. If you click on the padlock image, a security certificate must appear. Make sure that the security certificate is up to date. Both the https and the security certificate must appear in order for you to ascertain that you are logged on securely. If one of the two is not present, then you are not logged on securely.

Encryption is very important because you do not want other people taking advantage of your confidential information. Encryption is important because e-commerce must develop as a safe and secure means of doing business online. Without encryption, the Internet makes everyone vulnerable to several malicious things. Your identity can be stolen. Your money can be stolen. You personal safety may be at risk if confidential personal information is not protected. You should always make sure that you are using encryption whenever you do confidential transactions over the Internet. Protect yourself and protect your family through proper encryption techniques. You can ask several information technology experts on how you can utilize encryption for your business and for your personal needs. If you have any specific encryption concerns or questions, please contact us here at eLiteracy, for free advice and guidance.

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