Watching eye.People will always long for affection. They will want someone to talk to or someone to share their lives with. Nobody ever wants to feel lonely. With the Internet, people can address this need. People are able to communicate through chatting, blogging, and emailing. With these possibilities, people can make friends and build relationships online. All this may sound great but not everyone considers this to be an innocent activity.


Grooming is basically the process of setting up a victim for an attack. Paedophiles are usually the people who use grooming to their advantage. They use grooming to make a child feel that they have a new friend. They use grooming so that a child will confide in him or her. When a person successfully grooms a victim, he or she will usually do so with a malicious motive in mind. They may try to meet up with the victim somewhere and take advantage of the victim. He or she may attempt to molest or attack the victim. A person may get confidential information from the victim such as the home address which they can then use to stalk the child for a while and then later on attack him or her when the parents are gone. Most governments have active police and special investigation units to help combat this threat to children’s safety. If you would like to protect you and your children from grooming then you should take several steps in ensuring their safety. If you have an Internet connection and you know that people in your household use chatting or blogging activities then you should make several household rules and precautions. You must notify everyone in the household not to give any confidential information over the Internet. Disclosing things such as home addresses and telephone numbers should be strictly prohibited. If your children have online friends then you should make sure that they keep their distance if they do not know their online friends so well. You can monitor them while they chat so that you know if suspecious people are starting conversations with your children. If you suspect that grooming is taking place then you should call the police and allow their Internet experts to track down the person. Grooming is something that you and your children should watch out for. You never know when someone is grooming your child. You should always keep an eye on your children if you want them to be safe.

In the UK, further information can be found on the CEOP website.


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