Red letter email.Spamming is simply mass mailing, also known as unsolicited bulk emailing. You can receive spam in your inbox anytime. You can get offers through spamming, Some of which will offer you free product samples or large discounts on products. Some will even give you free money. Of course, this is what the spam mail tells you but it is not what it does.


Spamming is a hazard to both you and other users of the Internet. Spam is harmful because it can fill up your mailbox and Internet email servers. Isn’t it annoying when your email program tells you that you have one hundred new messages in two hours? Ninety eight of the messages are spam and they are of no interest to you. A more sinister reason that makes spam harmful is the content. Sometimes spam mail will contain or link to nudity and pornography. Some adult websites want to promote their site through spam mail and they will do anything to make money online. They will steal email addresses and send invitations to join their website. When email like this arrives on your inbox, so many bad things can happen. If children are exposed to this content it can be shocking and upsetting for them. If you are in the office then you might end up being disciplined for looking at porn. Spam mail can destroy lives and you should be wary of such email in your inbox. Additionally, spam mail may contain viruses. If you have spam emails in your inbox then there is a high likelihood that some have a virus attached to them. You may be asked to open the email and this alone can be enough to launch a virus attack.

How can you stop spamming from attacking you? If you want to avoid spam then you should use email programs that block spam or contain some form of email filtering. Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, and Hotmail have good anti-spam programs for all the users. Their anti-spam programs are able to filter most of the spam messages that come into your email. If you do not have email from these email service providers then you should install an anti-spam program yourself. Take matters into your own hands and prevent spam from harming you, your family and your computer.

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